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HAGALAZ - The Rune of Disruption


Alternative Names
Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Hagalaz
Norse (Viking): Hagall
Old English: Haegl or Ghaegl
Other Names/Spellings: Haal, Hagalar, Hagl, Hagalz,

Pronunciation: Har-ghawl-arz

English Letter Equivalent
H as in HAT.


Weather, damaging natural forces. Disruption. Interference.

The weather is a significant factor. Insure against damage from storm, flood or lightning. Prepare for disruptive influences. A third party interferes with relationships.

Hagalaz represents hail and it’s portent may be likened to an unexpected hailstorm, an elemental disruption of your life. When Hagalaz is linked with other runes, it can suggest limitation, interruption, or delay, and imply a complete change in direction. Hagalaz can also mean suffering, hardship, illness, or injury.

ashPersonal Interpretation
Challenges are occurring in your life. These are not to be feared, but faced. A hailstorm is daunting, but if you catch a hailstone you will see that it is only water, nothing to be feared. So it is with challenges. Fire up your determination, and face the challenges head-on knowing they are just stepping stones on the way to your goal. The greater the challenge, the more you gain by overcoming it.

Hagalaz has no reverse

Hidden dangers from the natural world. Apparently easy tasks hide unexpected dangers. A lover or partner is hiding something.

bryonyRunic Number: 9

Color:  Light Blue

Element: Ice (i.e. Water)

Polarity: Female

Associated gods: Urd, Heimdall

Astrological Correspondence: Aquarius


Tarot Talk by Leila Vey
The Tower is an obvious card to associate with Hagalaz. It is about the sudden collapse of everything we know, about destruction, and being rocked right out of one's comfort zone.

Its energy forces us to begin again and (hopefully) build something better out of the ashes. Disruption, interference, natural (and man-made) disasters, challenges and sudden changes in fortune all link Hagalaz with The Tower.

visit Leila's site at http://tarot.leila.ca

The Rune Poem: Verse IX Hagalaz
Hail is the whitest of grain
Whirled from heaven's height,
The wind hurls it in showers
Into water then it turns.



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