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TIWAZ - The Warrior's Rune


Alternative Names
Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Tiwaz
Norse (Viking): Tiw, Tyr
Old English: Tir, Tyr
Other Names/Spellings: Teiws, Teiwaz, Tiwar, Ty, Tys

Pronunciation: Tee-wahz

English Letter Equivalent
T as in top.

The god Tiw (as in Tuesday).

Tiw, the god of battles and legislation. Protector of warriors and mariners. Courage, compassion.

Tactical genius, courage, bravery, dedication, daring. Protection on sea voyages. Negotiating and legislative ability.

coral (fossilized)Tiwaz is named for the Norse god Tiw, after whom Tuesday is named. Tiw is the Norse equivalent of Zeus or Jupiter. He was the god of war and justice, fair law and regulation, and success through sacrifice. He was courageous, fearless, the master tactician and a consummate diplomat. He allowed a wolf to bite off his right hand in order to bind the wolf's chaotic force and thus protects warriors (both physical & spiritual), the disabled and the left-handed. Tiwaz also represents determination and male sexuality. It symbolizes new challenges and initiations into new understandings.

oakPersonal Interpretation
There is a need for courage now, as your victory is already assured if your heart remains true. Make use of all the skill and wisdom you have acquired so far. Protect your faith, as it will be challenged. But truth, honesty and justice will always win through.

Naiveté, shyness. You must overcome a tendency to cowardice. Loss of concentration. Beware of left-handed people.

Uncover your hidden talents of leadership. One who appears a fool is in fact courageous.

Runic Number: 17aconite

Color:  Bright Red 

Element: Air

Polarity: Male

Associated gods: Tiw, obviously!

Astrological Correspondence: Libra


Tarot Talk by Leila Vey
This rune could be associated with Justice because of the legislation aspect. However, man made law is truly the most superficial aspect of the Justice card. I believe Justice should, in Tarot, be viewed in a more holistic and natural way.

My choice for Tiwaz is The Emperor because he embodies man-made authority, law, structure, order, altruism, protection, defence and more. He is a warrior (like Tiw), he is courageous, diplomatic, organized and capable. If I was to pick a god to put on the emperor card, it would be Tiw as embodied in Tiwaz.

visit Leila's site at http://tarot.leila.ca

The Rune Poem: Verse XVII Tiwaz
Tiw is a certain sign - it keeps trust well,
With Aethlings,  ever on course,
Over the night-fogs,
It never fails.




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