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URUZ - The Rune of Strength


Alternative Names
Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Uruz
Norse (Viking): Ur
Old English: Ur
Other Names/Spellings: Uraz, Urs, Urur, Urus

Pronunciation: Oor-ooze

English Letter Equivalent
Short U as in under, OO as in booze.

Aurochs - the giant wild ox of Europe.

Physical or mental strength, health. For a man - male virility, manhood. For a woman - fertility, femininity, womanhood.

carbuncle Characteristics
Terminations, new beginnings. An opportunity disguised as a threat. Mental agility. Physical development, mental and bodily health. Power.

birchUruz means aurochs, the European wild ox that became extinct in 1627. Uruz encompasses physical strength, endurance, courage, and the raw, wild power of freedom. It includes emotional and spiritual strength, male sexual potency, and good health. It can also imply a challenge leading to a major life change.

Personal Interpretation
You have the strength within you to fulfil all your dreams, but with strength comes responsibility. Strength is not a force to wield over others, but a force to stop others exerting power over you. Use your strength to keep focused on your path and to stop yourself being outmanoeuvred. There will always be negative people, but don’t let them upset you. Master your own ego and you will succeed.

Failure to think clearly. Ill-health or lack of mental fortitude. Beware signs of weakness, or threats to your person or position.

Hidden strengths must be realised. Shun apparent opportunities, the signs are deceptive.

Runic Number: 2

iceland mossColor:  Dark Green 

Element: Earth

Polarity: Male

Associated gods: Thor, Urdl

Astrological Correspondence: Taurus

Tarot Talk by Leila Vey
I have seen Uruz associated with the High Priestess on several Tarot sites and this works for me on some level, but I feel a better fit is The Chariot.

Key concepts for the Chariot include Courage, Victory, Determination, Control, Success, Self-Confidence, Discipline, Assuming Power, Authority, and Grit. The ideas about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength, opportunities disguised as challenges, taming our own egos, and the warning about wielding strength over others is all reinforced in the meaning of the Chariot card.

visit Leila's site at http://tarot.leila.ca

The Rune Poem: Verse II Uruz
The Aurochs is fearless and huge of horn
A ferocious beast, it fights with its horns
A famous moor-stalker that:
A mettlesome wight.


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