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Privacy of Personal Information


Runemaker Group Privacy Policy

I will keep this short and simple.

  1. I never ever pass on any information about website visitors, newsletter subscribers or customers to any other person or business.
    That means your email address, street address, credit card details and everything you tell me is safely and securely locked behind a firewall.

  2. Credit card sales are always processed on an authorized secure server that has never been hacked. I never ever pass such information on to anyone else, and I certainly never ask for such information by email.

  3. I never ever indulge in spam email. If you ever get spam that says it is from a Runemaker Group company, it is a fake - delete it right a way and be sure not to answer it.
    The only communications you will ever get from me are in response to your own positive actions, such as the administration of an account, an order, a newsletter subscription, or a form submission from one of my websites.
    That means I will only email you if you have asked me to, or given me permission by placing an order, signing up for something, submitting a form or subscribing to a newsletter.

  4. If you ever get a communication that looks like it came from a Runemaker Group company that asks for credit card information, please report it to me, and to your local law enforcement authorities at once, because it will certainly be a fake. I just don't do that.

If you have any comments or queries about the Runemaker Group Privacy Policy or anything to do with the security of personal information, please click here to email me and you can be sure of a prompt response.

Bob Oswald
Proprietor - Runemaker Group
Version 1.2 -  issued February 23rd, 2005



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