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Ordering On-Line

You can order the online artwork and services through PayPal. I accept all major credit and debit cards. All transactions are carried out on a SECURE SITE. Just click the "order now" button next to the product or service and fill out the online order form. PayPal will do the rest.

Ordering by mail
For details of ordering by mail, payment methods and accepted currencies, please see the Order Information Page.


Popular Woods for Rune Wares
These were the wild woods I most commonly used for my boxed rune sets, amulets and keyrings. They were mostly from local woods and forests, but I did occasionally make finds in other areas of the UK.

  pale, lightly marked face
  grey-brown bark

cherry  Cherry
  light tan face
  red-brown, often spotted bark

rowan  Rowan (Mountain Ash)
  very pale face
  dark brown spotted bark

sycamore  Silver Birch
  Pale creamy face
  dark brown or purple bark

willow  Willow
  almost white face
  greenish or grey bark 

  Witch Elm
  near-white face
  mid to dark brown bark

As a matter of interest, I used only windfall and forested branches from wild trees. I have never cut from a living tree, and I did not work Oak, Holly or Yew. Oak is too hard, Holly never sheds branches, and apart from having a rather unattractive finished appearance, Yew is becoming difficult to find in the wild being located mainly on church land.




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