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I get up to 50 emails a day asking for help or advice, but I simply don't have the time to answer them all personally. If your query is something I get asked all the time you might possibly get an automated response. Why is that?

Well, I don't have an office full of customer service personnel. There's just me, my wife who has her own business to look after, and a dog. He's pretty smart but he can't work the keyboard and voice recognition software doesn't seem to understand words like ruff, woof, growl. yelp, howl, whimper and pant. Joking aside can I ask you nicely to please check out these resources before contacting me:


The Rune Forum
(hosted service with ads & popups)

The Rune Forum discussion board is closed for new posts, but there are hundreds of threads that can be searched by key words. Please check here for an answer to your query before contacting me.


Frequently Asked Questions & Site Search

If you have a simple enquiry please check the FAQs page or use the Site Search Engine before contacting me.


click here to use the site-mail message form.


If you really want to talk to me call my office:

But remember I'm in England and call during office hours:
09.30 to 17.00 GMT/UTC
Monday to Friday only.

Please also note there is no service on these public holidays in England:

   2014: January 1st;   April 18th & 21st;   May 5th & 26th;
August 25th;   December 25th, 26th.                     

There are three more dates when calls would be unwelcome:
St Patrick's Day March 17th; my birthday June 11th;
 & New Years' Eve December 31st.


(temporarily unavailable. Please call back)

If you would like to express praise (or even criticism!)
for the website please post an entry in my Guestbook

Letter Post
write to me
Or you can use good old snail mail. Write to me at:




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