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Rune Amulets are no longer in production.
Design artwork only for tattoos etc.
is available now from US$13.95

Rune Amulets (no longer in production)

Amulets were handcrafted in natural wood from windfall branches and were not cut from living trees.

Amulets were available with hand-painted rune glyphs in a choice of colors, or with pokerwork glyphs branded by hand in the traditional way with an iron tool. Then the wood was highly polished and protected with several coats of non-toxic gloss varnish.

Amulets were about 1 - 1¼ ins. in diameter (25 - 35mm) and up to ⅜ in. thick (10mm).

Pendants were supplied with a choice of necklaces: black leather thong, silver-plated chain, or gold-plated chain.
Keychain fobs had a chrome steel split ring, silver or gold plated chain and ring for your keys.

 The packaging carried a description of the product,
an explanation of the Rune and its interpretation.


Details of all the rune meanings can be accessed from the main navigation. menu - top left on this page.

Rune Design Artwork
Price US$12.95  This service is available now

I can supply artwork of single rune designs for a tattoo or any other purpose.

You will get four images in all: the basic rune in plain black and three different styles in the color of your choice. The artwork is free of copyright so you can use it as a tattoo, a monogram on stationery and personal items, as a logo for a business or on a website, etc.

The examples above feature Othila, the rune of home and family, but you can order designs for any of the 24 runes.  Check out the rune meanings from the main menu (above left) and choose a rune that suits your needs.

This service is priced at US$12.95 and  includes:

  • The artwork as described above in a PDF document.
  • A free copy of my eBook 'A Runic Empowerment Ritual' for use with tattoos,
    web pages, or designs marked on a solid surface.
  • A free bonus selection of knotwork borders suitable for use with any rune.
  • All taxes and delivery by email attachment.

The artwork PDF document and the free eBook are usually delivered within a few days.

Click the buttons on the order form below to see any options available and use the "Order Now" button to place your order.


Item Price
Choose a rune Order Online
with PayPal
RM77 Rune Artwork 12.95
The price of this e-product includes all taxes and delivery by email attachment. All orders will be acknowledged.
Corrupted or misplaced files will be replaced but no refund will be given on any order after successful delivery.